The Choir by Keith Pattison SMITH-1835

The Choir, SMITH, image by Keith Pattison

InSite Performance is led by Artistic Director Jacqui Honess-Martin and Creative Producer Rowan Rutter. The company was formed to make work that finds fissures in stories we thought we knew and to take audiences with us as we challenge our preconceptions. Often this means telling stories from a different, international perspective.

In the past two years InSite has realised two UK premieres, championing new and international work to a UK audience and in April 2015 we will premiere the award winning German play Abyss, at the Arcola Theatre in London. Our work receives excellent feedback from press, audiences and peers and the company has built a core creative team that works collaboratively to ensure all production elements are collectively integrated into our process and performances. We have found particularly collaborative and innovative ways to work with movement and music.

In April 2013 InSite premiered Larisa and the Merchants by Ostrovsky in a new version by Samuel Adamson at the Arcola, London, presenting a neglected Russian classic with a fresh interpretation and profound contemporary resonance. The show posed poignant questions about systemic values and integral to the production was an outreach project run in conjunction with LifeLine Projects Hackney, a service provider for those with a chronic alcohol or drug dependency. Working with groups affected by the issues in our work has become a key element of our artistic practice.

In 2014 Rowan Rutter was selected as an Ideastap Underbelly Award Winner, enabling InSite to premiere We Have Fallen by Jacqui Honess-Martin at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Nuanced and formally experimental, We Have Fallen posed questions about entitlement, climate change and collective responsibility through the metaphor of air travel.

In June 2014 InSite’s core creative team spent a week at the National Theatre Studio developing The Flood Project; an experiential, innovative, non-narrative piece inspired by the fusion of archetypal Flood mythology with the experiences of flooding in local UK communities.

InSite is a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee.

Board of Directors: Jenni Grainger (Chair), Mark Agnew, Andrew Hogg, Steven Osborne, Matthew Poxon, Sam Sargant and Petia Tzanova.