Lifeline Project

For the past two years, InSite has worked in partnership with Lifeline Project, Hackney, a registered charity with forty years experience of managing drug and alcohol services. InSite felt a strong resonance with Lifeline’s mission to reduce harm, promote recovery and challenge inequality and we approached them to ask about working with their client activity programme.

In 2013, alongside Larisa and the Merchants, we ran a nine week programme of drama skills workshops that culminated in shared performance. Clients stood up in front of their friends, family, peers, social workers, case officers and probation officers and performed short pieces they had written in response to InSite’s production.

It was just so great to do something not about alcohol

When you’re life is about addiction you forget the world has colours, this reminded me

I feel more confident

I was really proud of this

Were some of the comments we heard during our feedback session.

We are looking forward to running the same programme alongside Abyss in 2015.

This work is generously funded by the Backstage Trust.