The Flood Project

The Great Flood is one of humanity’s founding stories. Appropriated by every culture from the Caldeans to Christianity, Flood Narratives have become Meta stories of crisis, destruction, redemption and renewal.

Global temperatures are rising, bringing sea levels with them. Another Great Flood is coming. The Flood Project is a theatrical exploration of how ancient Flood Narratives may influence our reaction to this impending catastrophe and how humanity wants this new story to be told.

InSite aims to create an immersive, experiential piece of theatre. The audience will be guided through a kaleidoscope of fractured narratives and experiences, journeying from a world that feels very current, to possibilities of a near and distant future. We want to give audiences a clearly guided experience that feels shared and collective.

NT Studio Workshop

Following a week long workshop at the National Theatre Studio in June 2014, we now have a clear structure for the piece and have created several moments along the audiences’ journey. We also have a clear idea of how we can involve communities in the process of generating material and in performance.

Community Partners

We want this show to be made using the experiences of those directly affected by flooding in the UK. We want to stage this show in the heart of a community directly affected by flooding. We also want communities to be involved in realising the show, as performers and collaborators.

Artistic Partners

We need to work with a partner venue that has a history of involving its community in its artistic programme, but also one that is prepared to support an innovative and non-traditional performance, potentially outside the walls of its own venue.