We Have Fallen

Underbelly, Edinburgh Festival 2014

by Jacqui Honess-Martin

Produced by Rowan Rutter, winner of The IdeasTap Underbelly Award, 2014

Designed by Lucy Sierra, Sound by Tim Middleton, Lighting by Ziggy Jacobs

CAST: Oliver J Hembrough (Richard), Lydia Larson (Jennifer), Barbara Wilshere (Pam)

Then, yesterday, 12 planes fell from the sky.

In the midst of a global crisis three characters embark on journeys home. Crash investigator Jennifer is stranded in Egypt; international financier Richard is drinking in a hotel bar in Moscow, and career-activist Pam is looking for new ways to be useful. A poetic and powerful thriller about the places we run to when our worlds fall apart.

Three isolated narratives meet in this poetic, tightly structured thriller that plays on climate change denial and post 9/11 anxieties about terrorism…Combining lyrical internal monologue with urgent scraps of interaction, the three hander is starkly staged with just a hurtling starburst of LED lights to visualise the escalating chaos. The tension is skilfully cranked, elevating the action to the level of metaphor whilst keeping us grippingly grounded in the moment – The Scotsman

We Have Fallen

image by Richard Davenport

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Lydia Larson in rehearsals, image by Richard Davenport










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